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​necessary evil 3

“I see in your eyes the same fear that will rip the heart of mine. The day may come when we break all bonds of fellowship, forsake our friends and the courge of men will fail, but it is not this day. An hour of war and shattered shields when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day. By all you hold dear, I bid you stand men of the west.”

        The city of octagurion was about to be attacked and the only defense was the roman contingent stationed in the city and headed by general Mallius. Mallius men took battle formation just outside the city. 

Spearmen to the front, melee infantry to the rear while the Calvary took the sides. Mallius sent an emissary to the attackers but they never returned. Mallius was curious to know who his attackers where. So while he took ranks with his Calvary, he watched an uncontainable number of enemy combatant approach from the woods. All armed and without organization. Some were running while others were screaming. Mallius measured the strength of this army and concluded that he was out numbered. Yet he was optimistic that this fight was winnable. But, who was the leader of this new fighting force. The barbarian warriors where all screaming and creating sounds by the collision of their weapons. The atmosphere was charged. After a short while, one of the men sounded a horn and the lost emissary of Mallius rode out from amidst them towards Mallius with a scroll. He looked unarmed as He rode straight to Mallius and presented a scroll. After inscrolling and reading the scroll, his face became pale and gloomy. His breath became heavy. His second in command noticed the change in his countenance

‘is there a problem sir’ he asked sternly.

‘their leader wants to speak to me’ Mallius answered.

‘the gods curse Azoc’ the commander said with so much rage in his eyes ‘he dare break our truce. Bazoc is dead, what else does he want?’

     Mallius stared at the commander and gradually shook his head. He dismounted from his horse and walked slowly to tent. Mallius and Azoc had agreement to take their ambitions to the next level by eliminating their basic obstacle. Mallius was to see to it that Azoc was crowned the next lord protector of the realm by way of a planned assassination or execution of Bazoc. But before that could happen, Azoc was going to first stage a coup in which Vinictus (the then governor) would be assassinated. That coup attempt was thwarted by Bzoc. Upon Azocs failure to execute his own end of the deal, Mallius barely escaped with life but was able to complete Azoc failed mission. In the end, Mallius was made governor and Azoc was decleared a public enemy. But what bothered Mallius was how well he fabricated his untrue tale of Bazoc and Vinictus execution. His fellow commanders fell for this lie except one, his second in command Desmus. But commander Desmus resentments wasn’t good enough to stop and Mallius from being appointed the new governor. But now the content of the scroll was a direct massage from Bazoc requesting to meet him in open ground unarmed. Thinking of the last ordeal he had with Bazoc, doing the opposite was going to be safer. While he sat pondering on what to do, commander Desmus stepped in.

‘I know that look’ the Desmus said ‘I spoke to the scout and he said Lord Bazoc leads the army.’ Mallius was still calm but there was still that look on his face. It was like a ghost from the past came hunting him.

‘I always knew it was too good to be true’ the commander continued ‘your adventurous tale of how you sent the heads of both Vinictus and Bazoc rolling. Yet I never saw a new lord protector being crowned.’ The commander gave a deep sigh ‘now is not time to trade blames. Tell me what he wants’ He asked

‘he wants to meet with me on open ground unarmed.’ Mallius replied ‘and by the gods I will not surrender to the enemy.’

‘listen to yourself’ the commander said in a hush tone ‘you just surrendered before the enemy even said so. You need to pick yourself up and face your demons cause no one will do that for you. If he wants you unarmed you will go to him unarmed and if this brings about your death, then u deserve it. But I will not watch you lead this army on the pretext of another lie’

‘what do you mean’ Mallius walked closer to the commander and looked into his eye. The commander took a step closer and with a chuckle he replied

‘you no longer give orders hear anymore. You take orders from now.’ On saying this, a few roman soldiers walked in and disarmed Mallius, stripping him off his vest. Mallius was then escorted out of his tent and given a horse to ride to Bazoc location and by so doing fulfilling the deeds of the scroll.

   Meanwhile Bazoc and a couple of barbarian warriors waited in an open field unarmed as they watched Mallius ride towards them. 

The new roman commander and both armies watched from a distance as Bazoc and Mallius conversed. Left to Bazoc, he would have mallius head on a stake to avenge VInictus. But there was a greater threat than just avenging one man’s death. By nightfall Azoc forces were upon Octergurion. But upon arrival, Azocs scouts hurriedly rode back to Azoc to inform him on the new development. 

‘it cant be’ Azoc said with tense whisper ‘how can this be.’

‘my lord ’ the scouts said ‘the men are ready to fight. But not against this army’

‘Romans and kunigurians?’Azoc murmured ‘how by the gods did he do it?’

‘lord azoc’ murak stepped in ‘might I step in and remind you that we have the most vicious fighting force in the realm.’ He walked closer to Azoc and stared into his eyes ‘we have come to  far to turn back. We have the army of the three kingdoms and the turians’ he added. Azoc took a deep breath and stared back at Murak saying





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