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​Most of my posts are geared toward women but today it’s about the men. 

Am writing for natural skincare and shaving options for men, since shaving is one of the biggest parts of skin care for most men.

If he has such thick hair, and all method he has trying didn’t work and just irritated his skin, a real shaving kit with some homemade products is a great option!

The real shaving kit 

an old fashioned safety razor or straight razor and preferably a brush and mug soap rather than conventional shaving cream.

There are even brush and mug sets like this one 

or nicer brush sets with stainless steel brush handle and safety razor

Fortunately, these “old-fashioned” shaving options actually save money in the long run (no disposable or expensive razor heads to buy) and are MUCH better for the skin when used with natural shaving cream.

The shave soap

there are actually some decent and really inexpensive store bought options. Williams seems to be the most popular and is actually relatively natural 

(much more so than shave creams). There are also more high end options available, like this one which smells great 

or this pine-scented natural version!

The after shave

Alcohol based after shaves can be problematic for the same reason you aren’t supposed to use rubbing alcohol on new piercings: it kills healing skin and slows healing. There are some wonderful nourishing options for after shave skin care forshave
Rosemary Oil 

which is naturally antibacterial and has a great woodsy scent.

Shea Butter 

by itself is also an excellent after shave lotion and has a manly scent.

Coconut oil 

works by itself too and will discourage breakouts from shaving (is there anything it won’t do?!)

Apple Cider Vinegar 

also works great by itself or infused with cinnamon sticks, cloves and bay leaves (if you can handle the smell)




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