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Am in mum’s ward in the hospital, she wasn’t answering any of my questions (mum how are u? what happened?) she was just staring at my assistant. Now we are going to start sermon and I might end up marrying the right lady for the wrong reason and I won’t even realize it.

Doctor: mum need to really take it easy with her thinking, she is really worried about something I don’t know of and I think you know about it. Tobi, mum is all you have and have been your family doctor since you were born okay. Please get her whatever she wants you all she has now.

Mum is home and I need to finalize some deals with the board of directors, I can’t leave her all alone “was thinking out loud and I didn’t even realized it” my assistant cut and said sir” you free to go I will stay with mum to make sure she is okay” (did she just call her mum?) well technically she is my mum okay, she smiled and said yes sir.

That moment I took my time to analyze her (well in a Godly way people) she is so beautiful, dark skin, her hair all naturally packed in bun, her shape is gorgeous and the only thing separating her from my ideal woman is her height but still okay for her figure. Oh and she has my weak part in ladies “dimples” OMG (feel like devouring her) “yeah I knew I said in a Godly way “damn” she is so pretty that i was lost in thought”

Sir, your meeting please its in 20mins “yes my dear” wait did I just call her that? Oh Tobi this is another flame that will fade off soon. Didn’t know mum saw me staring at her, “Tobi don’t worry I would be safe with her” (mum likes her already) and this makes me a little uncomfortable.

Drive safe sir “really” wow she is a little homely I guess and for the very first in my life I felt this calmness inside of me.  While driving a song played through the stereo tape, Karma is a NO NO and there it is a song from D’banj “fall in love” are you kidding me right now.


I don’t know what is going on, can’t seem to get my assistant of my mind. Her smile, Her dimples, her voice damn!!! natrual-hair-cartoon-hypehair

Signed, sealed and we nailed another huge success to the company, am sure dad is proud wherever he is right now. Rushing back home around 7pm, I could smell that awesome aroma coming from the kitchen right from the gate.

mum is a great cook “yeah definitely” but she is suppose to be resting not cooking again and since she doesn’t want a maid and needs a wife from me, so likes doing everything herself.

I totally forgot lolade was home with her, mum was in the sitting room watching her favorite show jenifa’s diary and I must say I haven’t seen her this lively and calm since dad died. I kissed her and was in arms when lolade walked in from the kitchen with my short and T-shirt “jeez she is gorgeous with a little scar on her knee and her perfect little bow legs”

good evening sir I didn’t know u are back. How was the meeting? She doesn’t look into my face” fine lolade” we nailed the deal and i totally forgot you are still around, am so sorry to have kept you waiting and its technically not your job. Am sure your husband or boyfriend must be really angry right now right? “Sir it okay am happy I stayed with her its been long I felt this way been around someone aside my pet since I lost my dad and mum in a car crash”. I didn’t know what to say, apparently mum and lolade had enough time to talk because mum was nodding in support to all she was saying. “sweetheart am so sorry” wait again now am modifying the dear to sweetheart” I think its just excitement from the deal.





More than excitement, if i must say… It felt as if i was watching a movie.. .you good

Jul 08.2017 | 11:12 am

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