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necessary evil 2

A few minutes later cassia and Vassivius were ready to embark on their journey to Rome. It was obvious Bazoc wasn’t coming with them. Bazoc assisted cassia mount her horse. 

‘I have a lot to do, but running away isn’t part of it.’ Bazoc replied

may the gods be with you.’ She said with a smile on her face. Just before Cuterburge rode off, he had one last conversation with Bazoc.

‘when Azoc took over our clan, some of us tried to fight back, but a good number of us fell. We were no match for Azocs fighting force. Those who still survived fled to the caves.’

‘why would brave men hide in caves and watch their people die or be enslaved.’ Bazoc asked with a sarcastic look on his face

‘hide you say..’ Cuterburge said with a giggle ‘they need a leader. And from your end, you need an army. Not just any army, but an army of brave men willing to fight and die for the right cause’

‘and why would kunigurians fight for a man who once led a failed invasion of their lands?’ Bazoc asked

‘they will listen to the lord protector because of this!’ Cuterburge said pulling out a horn decorated in Gothic and presented it to Bazoc ‘our most precious relic’. With both hands, Bazoc received it bowing his head. ‘take the path that leads to the outlands, but just before the poisoned river, look for the cave of the old god.’

Cuterburge rode off with cassia and vasivius while Bazoc made his way to the poison river. By nightfall, Bazoc was at the river bank. He tied his horse to a tree and then made his way through a bush path. And along that path, he noticed footprints which he trailed till he was caught in a net trap. The net trap was so tight that he could barely move, Bazoc struggled so hard to get out of this trap but he couldn’t. Then in the middle of his struggle, three men came out from a camouflaged hideout. They were all dressed in animal skin and armed with spares. Two of the men approached Bazoc position while one of them stood back to observe. 

‘so Azoc sent another pathfinder to track us?’ one of them said.

‘well, let’s kill him as usual and dump his body by the riverside’ the other man suggested.

‘wait!!!’ bazoc screamed ‘I come with words from Cuterburge for your leader. Cut me lose, we don’t have time.’

‘he is making demands.’ Another man stepped forward saying ‘he seeks for a quick death. That can be arranged.’ While the men made fun of Bazoc, the third man stood behind and observed in silence. When he noticed that the men were about plunging their spares through the net he then broke his silence.

‘no one touches him.’ He ordered ‘The old man spoke about him.’ The third man walked slowly towards the net. ‘he is Bazoc the lord protector and the old man has been waiting for him.’ The other two men were surprised. The wondered why the old man would want something to do with Bazoc. To them, he was a traitor and their enemy. The grip to their weapons grew even tighter as they realized it was Bazoc. But for the sake of the old man, they had no choice but to manage their rage. The men cut Bazoc loose and escorted him to the cave where they took refuge.

   The cave was filled with able bodied men eager and ready to fight. The women, though feminine but appeared masculine in appearance. Bazoc was forced to kneel before an old man. The old man stared at Bazoc for a while and then gave a signal for the men to untie him.

‘bring forth what you carry.’ The old man said. Bazoc brought out the horn which was given to him by Cuterburge.

‘the horn of warrior’s.’ The old man said while receiving it from Bazoc. Everyone in the cave gathered round Bazoc and the old man. Then the old recited an old prophecy

 ‘the rejected one will sound the charge and my people shall be free.’ He was silent for a while and everyone in the cave stared at a Bazoc. It was as if he saw a ghost and the unwavering stare on Bazoc grew awkward that he had to ask

what are you staring at?’

‘So you are the one’ the old man replied ‘it’s time to set our people free.’ The old man rose up and announced to the people of the cave.

‘my people. Now is the time. The oats which our ancestors have taken to lord our land now is the time to fulfill them all.’ And there was an uproar by the people who chanted praises jamming their weapon against each other. The old man then continued. ‘the gods have always been on our side. For years we have prepared for this day when the chosen leader will come forth. Now the hour has come for our people to take their  rightful place in history. Warriors of kuniguria, my brothers, I give you your commander General Bazoc.’ There was an earth shaking vibration resonating from the chants of the warriors. The next day, a thousand warriors from the cave rallied behind Bazoc. It was time for war and the plan was set and the first battle confrontation was already on site. A liberation army had been built, even though their numbers was nothing compared to that of Azocs, the time for hiding was finally over.




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