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Benefit of drinking water at the correct time

  • It helps activate internal organs 

1 glass 30mins before meal

  • Helps in digestion 

1 glass before bathing 

  • Helps lower blood pressure 

1 glass before going to bed 

  • Avoid stroke or heart attack 

Note: drinking more is good for the body especially to hydrate the body and detoxify. 

Also do you know 5 cups of green tea daily can help you loose weight mostly around the belly area?

Make sure it’s green that you are use to that contains all necessary natural ingredients. 





Love drinking water. Think am going to try the green tea remedy.

Sep 25.2016 | 05:50 pm

eat your water! – SHEYDEAHQB'S BLOG

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Sep 09.2017 | 11:42 am

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