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The dust had just settled and the men on the watch tower could now see clearly. The air was not as clear as day and the strong stench of rotten corpses still infested the air. The open battle ground was littered with blood, broken spears and scanty body parts of fallen soldiers. The cliche war had lasted for just a year and Bazoc the barbarian war lord who pledged his allegiance to the roman empire had mounted his troops on the walls of Arkim. His troops were ill equipped yet they had successfully held the defense long enough. In this war, arkim was the strong hold city which prevented the enemies from invading the Octaguron the barbarian capital city. Arkim was once a city were great merchants would come and do good business, a center of commerce in which the wealth and economy of the realm depended on. But now after a year of heavy battle between the barbarians and the Romans, Arkim was no longer safe for business and trade. Arkim was converted into a full time arsenal and was now regarded as the Octagurons last line of defense.

The start of the war showed the odds were against the barbarians as they lost good number of men in attempt to besiege the city. There losses were to heavy that they pulled their troops back. It seemed like they retreated, but it was only a strategy. The barbarians used the the time to cut the Romans off their supply forcing them into attrition. This was a game changer as the entire city suffered severe starvationIMG_20160618_132330

Now, Bazoc is faced with a war he might be forced to surrender to the enemy. His major concern was not loosing arkim, but how much credibility of his will be lost. It seemed like he was been sent to quell a rebellion. But, it turned out differently, this was not just a rebellion, this was a full blown war. The other three chiefs had raised an enormous army to take the city to take back there lands . While the company of soldiers he was given were ill prepared for a full blown war.




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